Style your home without spending

You have many items in your home, most likely stored in boxes somewhere. You did not pay much attention to them so far.Every house needs accessories and small things.  Instead of rushing to a shop, look around your home. You will find numerous items that you could use to decorate your abode.
Trays, acrylic, wooden stuff, silverware, metals, and things like that could be used to adorn your living area in unique ways. For example, you can place candles on small tea trays to create a frame or keep magazines, books on the tray without buying new storage items. You can arrange different size of vases in group of three.. to decorate your vase you can cut some thin branches or stems…if flowers are not available …ideas are endless

Few tips to style and decorate

Tip 1)Right size of decor
When it comes to coffee table styling, items will look best when they’re the right size. The items should be large enough so they don’t disappear on the table.
Tip 2)Composing a vignette
A coffee table display means that you’re creating a vignette. The key to a perfect vignette is working with items that tie together as a whole. Items can connect through similar color, style, shape, or theme.

Tip 3) Go for one statement piece. If the idea of mixing decorative objects, flowers, books or candles isn’t your thing,opt for one statement piece that reflects your personality. An eye-catching sculptural item, big wall decor, a beautiful candle stand, or a vase with your favorite blooms is sometimes all that’s needed to complete a living room design.

Tip 4) Bring nature inside your house. I use flowers and natural elements throughout my home because they add life in a way During the spring/summer when we have a ton of flowers blooming in our yard, I keep fresh flower bouquets on our coffee table.