Home Staging Trends for 2020

Since we are in the last quarter of the year, it’s amazing to reflect and see which anticipated home staging patterns for 2020 happened. We will be discussing the top five patterns that would best be predicted during the current year. It’s fascinating to perceive the number of them has happened despite all the curves […]

Professional staging is an inconvenience.

Professional staging is an inconvenience. Your daily routine will be turned, at least temporarily, on its head. And it can be unsettling as you watch your life rearranged to suit the tastes of others. But if selling your home in the shortest amount of time and for the most money is your goal, it is […]

How To Declutter Quickly

The strategy to create 5 bins is always a fail proof way to declutter. You don’t need fancy tools to declutter your home, but you do need five baskets or bins named as 1)Donate, 2) Put away, 3)Trash, 4) Tinker, 5) Recycle. Now all you have to do is to identify the items in the […]

What do you do after you’re done decluttering?

What does your life look like after you’ve spent so much time and effort to make your external surroundings just the way you want them?Your life can look any way you want it to. This is just the beginning of designing the life, your house, you want to live in, and to find out who […]

How to make an empty vase look beautiful?

Style your home without spending

You have many items in your home, most likely stored in boxes somewhere. You did not pay much attention to them so far.Every house needs accessories and small things.  Instead of rushing to a shop, look around your home. You will find numerous items that you could use to decorate your abode.Trays, acrylic, wooden stuff, […]