Award-Winning Interior Design and Staging Business

Barn And Basil is based in Bay Area, California and we facilitate clients for home staging and interior design. Amenities we offer also include home interior design changes necessary for the sale of your home through the real estate industry. We are an affordable and reliable company and we work on full-scale projects meeting a 100% success rate.

We have been working on home interior and on home staging projects for the resale of your homes. We are a name in the business and get most of the tasks understood, implicated, and completed within time. Our home staging facility is for renovation and preparation of rooms and lounges and making them look novel again. We want you to get the best results when you take our services and subsequently profit with our results.

We are the best in home staging and renovation and we look forward to making you succeed with your home sale after working within the deadline. It will be our priority to make the right choice and reach success in your project. You can confidently hire us because we provide quality work in the tasks we undertake. Our goals are clear and we are equipped with a viable team that reaches for prosperity and make it happen.

Professionalism and skills are our expertise and we are the perfect company to hire for positive transformation. Intending never to let you down, we want to get your homes or offices ready by providing an idyllic and amusing difference you deserve. Call us on (559) 916-8519 for help from our support staff. We will show the best results and transform your homes into something new and ready for sale to make you start earning.


Barn and Basil have done the work of Professions and they got the interior of my home design improved in little time. I was amazed by their proficiency in work and expert craftsmanship they had to offer.

- Patrick Patterson, Customer

Our team worked great and showed a positive result in house renovation for sale of my home. the use of better facilities and expert professionals was made to complete the home renovation to get my home altered and sold at a good cost.

- Annie McWilson, Customer

This was a satisfactory work record by Barn and Basil and it was much better this time than the work they did on my previous home. It is why I got my home staging contact from here. I was truly satisfied with the proficiency and touchy finish the staff displayed in decorating my home.

- Jack McLachlan, Customer